Our Vision

For over 30 years Kathleen Burke has been creating stunning designs that embrace modern luxury and a timeless aesthetic that thoughtfully integrate client’s needs and lifestyles. The Kathleen Burke Design team listens carefully to clients and helps them to define and express their tastes and vision. Kathleen personally works with every client to create elegant, comfortable and practical designs. The hallmark of Kathleen Burke Design is a beautiful home where friends and family are able to effortlessly and comfortably gather for decades.

“Your home should be your haven, each home is unique and calls for it’s own aesthetic that is not only visually pleasing but a design that exudes warmth and comfort. If someone is able to feel welcomed into your home just by the very gesture of opening your front door then we’ve successfully created not just a house but a home.”

-Kathleen Burke
Founder & President, Kathleen Burke Design

Featured Projects